Inbound and outbound travel to Latvia from 16.06:
  • minor travel is allowed
  • need to fill-in a Covidpass form (incl. when traveling with own vehicle)
  • vaccination certificate (at least 15 days as of completion of the course) / fact of sick-over (up to 180 days)
  • no self-isolation is required when returning from an EU or EEA countries, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, low-risk third countries
  • minor travel is allowed (except for high-risk third countries)
  • it is necessary to fill-in the Covidpass form (incl. when traveling with own vehicle; must confirm presence of a negative test, where required)
  • the Covid-19 PCR test must be made no earlier than in 48/72 h before the intended departure
  • the test is not needed and a 10-day self-isolation must be observed when returning to Latvia from EU or EEA countries or Switzerland, and low-risk third countries
  • the test is needed and the 10-day self-isolation must be observed when returning to Latvia from high-risk third countries (including EU and EEA high-risk countries)
  • Covid-19 PCR tests must be performed no earlier than 48/72 h before the intended entry / exit (negative result must be provided before boarding the passenger vehicle)

Detailed information>> and links to Covidpass>>, Re-Open EU>> , Certificate >>, Self-isolation>> or ask to Estravel Latvia travel consultant.

Car rental

car QIndividually planned travel schedule, visiting of the less known, however, as interesting places, getting familiar with the local culture, and the possibility to alert the travel route according to your wishes - these are only few advantages provided by travelling with the rented car.

Why to rent a car?
  • Higher elasticity of the travel schedule according to your needs
  • Freely chosen travel route
  • Comfortable travelling together with family
  • Possibility to visit places enclosed in the travelling routes of travel agencies less often
  • Possibility to choose between the size and class of a rented vehicle
  • Speed and independence of movement
  • Possibility to rent a car in the destination country
  • Possibility to predict travel costs
  • Solutions for the transfer services in special occasions and events
  • Solution for the long term and short term supplementation of the fleet of your company
  • Possibility of one way car rental service
FTB Latvia recommends the car rental services of the company AVIS. It has affiliations all around the Europe with over than 5000 rental points and therefore offers the clients the one-way car rental services as well. The company works since 1992 in Latvia and has about 450 cars in the fleet. If you want to travel by car and not to worry about orienting on unknown roads, AVIS offers to buy the services of experienced driver as well.

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