Instalment loan in cooperation with ESTO

ESTO hire-purchase allows you to pay in instalment for the travelervices
ESTO hire-purchase: pay in instalment for up to 60 monthsESTO hp LV

How it works?

  • choose your travel service
  • consult your Estravel Latvia travel agents to specify the service choice and the price
  • choose the ESTO hire-purchase service by sending the application
  • get the decision/verification within a minute - sign the contract using Smart-ID, eParaksts or your internet bank

ESTO hire-purchase standard terms and conditions:

  • the fixed interest rate 23.9%
  • contract fee 0 €
  • loan period for up to 60 months
  • early payment of loan – no extra fee
  • the service is available to all citizens of the Latvian Republic at the age from 18 to 70

The provider of ESTO hire-purchase service is ESTO LV AS. Please, note that every loan purchase decision is a liability and should be carefully evaluated.

amount of the loan 750.00 €
the loan period 24 months 
fixed interest rate 23.9%
the contract fee 0.00 €
monthly administration fee 0,00 €
annual interest rate 26.69% 
monthly payment 39.62 €
the total amount to be paid in 24 months – 950.88 €

NB! The values estimated with ESTO calculator have informative character and may differ. To find out precise values, please, connect to ESTO data flow.

ESTO hire-purchase provides the most convenient, fastest and affordable service in Latvia!

The services provided by Esto LV AS correspond to the requirements that regard data protection and other requirements stated by the law. You can get familiar with the terms and conditions at ESTO.LV or by contacting Estravel Latvia travel consultant.

ESTO hire-purchase service is provided by ESTO LV AS.

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