Corporate travel services

Inbound and outbound travel to Latvia from 16.06:
  • minor travel is allowed
  • need to fill-in a Covidpass form (incl. when traveling with own vehicle)
  • vaccination certificate (at least 15 days as of completion of the course) / fact of sick-over (up to 180 days)
  • no self-isolation is required when returning from an EU or EEA countries, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, low-risk third countries
  • minor travel is allowed (except for high-risk third countries)
  • it is necessary to fill-in the Covidpass form (incl. when traveling with own vehicle; must confirm presence of a negative test, where required)
  • the Covid-19 PCR test must be made no earlier than in 48/72 h before the intended departure
  • the test is not needed and a 10-day self-isolation must be observed when returning to Latvia from EU or EEA countries or Switzerland, and low-risk third countries
  • the test is needed and the 10-day self-isolation must be observed when returning to Latvia from high-risk third countries (including EU and EEA high-risk countries)
  • Covid-19 PCR tests must be performed no earlier than 48/72 h before the intended entry / exit (negative result must be provided before boarding the passenger vehicle)

Detailed information>> and links to Covidpass>>, Re-Open EU>> , Certificate >>, Self-isolation>> or ask to Estravel Latvia travel consultant.

Corporate loyalty program

Owing to long-term experience and remarkable volume of the rendered services Estravel Latvia provides for the best environment for cooperation with the corporate clients when traveling in groups or individually, and encourages making the corporate collaboration agreement.
The features of Estravel Latvia services
  • Effective work organization
  • The use of uniform system
  • Wide scope of rendered services
Advantages to the corporate clients of Estravel Latvia
  • The clients are serviced by particular travel consultant or the group of travel consultants
  • More beneficial travel offers corresponding to the client’s travel policy
  • Consulting, travel planning, information, and monitoring of the situation
  • Recording and making use of the loyalty programs
  • Quick booking of services through the specially developed traveller’s account in the system of reservations
  • 24/7 support on the way and immediate solving the critical situations
  • Crediting agreements to the clients and discounts to the servicing fees
  • Supply of documents and statistics
  • Monitoring and planning of the travel budget
  • Special conditions to the employees’ leisure trips
Estravel Latvia services to the corporate clients
  • Transport tickets/vouchers - flight, railway, bus, ferry tickets, car rental, taxi and charter services
  • Accommodation services world-wide - for groups and individual travellers
  • Additional services - registration of participants for international events, booking of tables in restaurants, transfers, concierge services, 24/7 assistance on the way, support in emergency situations
  • Pre- and post-travel services - consulting, planning, reports, statistics, direct relations with the service providers
  • Organization and hosting of conferences and events - booking of premises for a venue and hotel accommodations for the participants, catering, transportation, technical support, developing of the event’s web page, including the registration platform (and payment possibilities), and access for the registered users, advertising and marketing services
The quality of services rendered by Estravel Latvia verifies

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