The Fast track service available regardless of the flight class

fast track
Riga International Airport offers a new service, making the Fast Track security checkpoint available for everyone regardless the class of an airline ticket.

A coupon for this service at any time before the flight can be bought at “Welcome to Riga” information office only for EUR 10.

sveicinati RigaFirstly, this service may be really useful if you are late for your flight. The airport can be very crowded due to enlarged amount of the holiday flights during the vacations season, and the security check can take longer than you have planned earlier. It is still recommended to come to the airport at the latest 2.5 hours before the flight.
Secondly, such a priority may save a lot of effort and is especially beneficial when travelling together with the children because the children under the age of 12 can use this service is free of charge when travelling with someone, who has such coupon.
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