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Attention! The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) announces a ban on all airlines registered in Latvia to operate in the airspace of Ukraine, as well as in the airspace of Russia closer than 180 kilometers from Russia and Ukraine border. Holiday operators' charter flights and scheduled air passenger services are carried out in compliance with all security regulations without crossing Ukrainian airspace.

On transportation of electronic devices when travelling to the US

We would like to notify you on the new security rules, when transporting electronic devices from the starting and the transit airports in connection with the flights to destination in the US.

Firstly, we advise passengers to arrive to the airport in good time for the various stages of journey including check-in, main security search areas and at the boarding gate. Passengers may be subject to additional searches and questions.
There are new regulations concerning transportation of electronic devices when travelling to the US. The passengers on flights to the US must be able to comply if asked with the following requests:
passengers may be asked to turn on any electronic or battery powered device such as telephone, tablet, e-book and laptop in front of security team and/or demonstrate the item's functionality. If, when asked to do so, the passenger is unable to demonstrate that the device in possession has power, he/she is not allowed to fly on the planned service.

Please, ensure that your electronic devices are fully powered before arriving at the airport. Do not bring any broken devices in your hand luggage to the airport as you will not be able to fly as planned.

Transfer customers flying to the US via other airport:
If you are flying to the US as a transfer passenger, especially on the long journey, please, make sure that you not deplete or fully use all power in your devices while on the first part of your journey. There will be very limited charging points at airports. Passengers are still able to use their electronic devices on board subject to the normal operating rules.

Questions and answers

What electronic devices are covered by this change of security regulations?

All electronic devices such as tablets, telephones, e-books, laptops are covered by these additional searches. If the security teams ask you to turn on an electronic device in your possession you will be required to do so.

What happens if I don't have any power left in my electronic device?

If you are unable to power up your electronic device you will not be allowed to fly. If it does not power up then it cannot be placed in your hand or hold luggage.

I am transferring in transit on a flight and then onto the US, what happens if my electronic device has run out of battery power by the time I arrive?

All electronic devices must have power and if you are unable to power up your item you will not be allowed to fly. Please, use your electrical and electronic devices sparingly if you are going to fly on a long journey before getting to the transit airport and then transferring onto the US destination.

Will all customers on the US flights be subject to the additional security measures?

All customers flying to the US must be prepared to have their electronic items searched and they must have sufficient power to be used.

I have just purchased a new electronic item from an airport shop. Can I carry it on board if it has no power?

Passengers must be prepared to demonstrate that the item has power. The item and its packaging may also be examined by security teams at the boarding gate. Please, do all you can to ensure that any new electronic items you purchase at the airport have power before you reach the boarding gate.

Will there be extra charging points at the airports?

There will be some extra charging points, but customers have to ensure that their own devices have enough power at all times. Please, do all you can to ensure that your electronic devices are fully powered before arriving at the airport.

Can I use my device on board?

Passengers can use their devices on board. The normal guidelines of using electronic devices in Flight Safe mode continue.

Can I use a mobile boarding pass as normal?

Yes, passengers are still able to use their mobile devices as boarding passes. Please, ensure that any electronic devices, you have your mobile boarding pass on, have sufficient battery life and power before arriving at the airport.
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